SEO Secrets Revealed!

THE SEO Roadmap that
launched 4 businesses and made $27 million & counting! 

LEARN SEO ONLINE with 1hr SEO. Grow your business or expand your career prospects by utilising the power of one of the top converting digital channels. Don't spend countless hours on YouTube or reading blogs. 

Start where I wish I had started; with a clear & concise, simple to understand ROADMAP. Start with the right foundation. This one page resource summarises the essentials of successful SEO. This understanding has launched 4 businesses and by conservative estimate is responsible for over $27million worth of business for my clients over the years, & counting!

SEO Expert, Bruce Chant




Learn how SEO can accelerate the growth of your business AND your career. It's easier than you think!

Do you know why SEARCH is STILL such a powerful marketing channel?

Because it's where people STILL go to find solutions to their problems.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) puts you right where your market is. It gives you DIRECT access to your market. They are problem-aware and in NEED of a solution!

THIS is where your business can profit. But only if you are in the game.

Over the years SEO has been misunderstood. It is this mysterious service that is hard to define and even harder to execute. But this does not need to be the case.

WITH the right guidance, the right information and the right teacher you can learn SEO yourself. And when you do you will unlock the enormous potential of FREE traffic to your site from people actively SEARCHING for the solutions you provide. WHY NOT start learning the power SEO today with me!
  • Video lessons that are easy to follow
  • ​Learn the framework so you can keep learning after the course
  • A complete system that you can implement TODAY
  • Stacks of FREE resources to get you started right away
  • ​Learn SEO the RIGHT way. 
  • No jargon. No insider language. No need to dozens of expensive tools.
1hr SEO is deliberately designed to be a FAST course.
All the teaching material come in at a combined total of 1 hour. What this means for you is the waffle & fluff has been removed. So you only get the GOOD STUFF!

If you are starting out on your SEO journey, then this is the PERFECT place to START. Everything you learn can be practiced and applied right away. So you get to benefit from it sooner!

Learn SEO from a Seasoned
SEO Expert

Download The SEO Roadmap. It shows you ALL the essential elements of a high performing SEO plan. Do it & benefit from FREE Google traffic.
With each module Bruce teaches, you can begin to implement the lessons in your own business! This is HIGHLY practical & hands on. 
Have an SEO Expert walk you through each element of THE SEO Roadmap. Behind the scenes hacks and explanation.

Bruce Chant

SEO Expert & Digital Strategist 
Who is Bruce? Good question. He started in “online marketing” (as it was then called) in 2007, by mistake.

What do you mean ‘by mistake’? He didn’t realise it was going to become a business and a career. He was just trying to get traffic to the site he helped his wife set up, selling a meal planning ebook.

After some trial and error, the FREE traffic promise of SEO proved to be true. Your site appear for things people are searching Google for? That’s SEO. And it is still incredibly powerful.

Bruce has used this to launch a number of businesses as well as work on the SEO of some of Australia’s most loved brands & hundreds of small to medium businesses. 

He used his SEO experience as Account Director at one of Australia’s most awarded digital agencies and now leads his own SEO & lead generation businesses.

I Will Teach You How SEO Can Unlock
FREE Targeted Google Traffic For Your Business

"Bruce has been incredible... within a few months my position in Google had jumped from the 4th page to the 1st page, top position for some terms! They go above and beyond and I have gained so much through working with them." -- Ben Peters, Bike Desk

"Highly informative and actionable introduction to SEO. Bruce does a fantastic job of showing you what you need to know, how to figure it out, and what specifically you can do to improve your ranking. In a time of social distancing and shutdowns, understanding how to drive business through your website is more important than ever." -- Stefan Misanko

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